How to install

Fess can run on any operating system with Java runtime environment. The requirement is as follows.

  • Operating system: Windows, Unix, etc

  • Java: Java SE 17 or later

For more details, see Installation Guide.

Install Java

See JDK 11 Installation.

Install Fess

Go to download page of Fess

Download latest Fess package from releases page.


Unzip downloaded zip file. In case of Windows environment, we recommend using 7-zip. In case of Unix, we recommend using unzip command.

$ unzip
$ cd fess-x.y

Run Fess Server

For Windows environment, double-click the fess.bat file in the bin folder to start Fess.

For Unix environments, run fess to start Fess.

$ ./bin/fess

Open Fess Pages

Go to http://localhost:8080/ to check whether Fess started normally.

Fess’s administrative UI is located at http://localhost:8080/admin. Default Administrator account’s username/password is admin/admin.

Change Administrator Password

After logging in as admin, you can change the password on User page.