Job settings

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Here are settings for the job.

How to set up

How to display

In Administrator account after logging in, click the job management.



Setting item

The name

It is the name that appears in the list.


You can use as an identifier for whether or not to run when the target job command to run directly in the batch, etc.. If the crawl command execution, do not specify ‘all’.


Configure schedule settings. Run jobs written in script on a schedule you set here.

Description format describes the format such as Cron seconds minutes date month day year (optional)”. For example, “0 0 12? * WED ‘ for if the weekly Wednesday 12:00 pm job to run. About how to specify the finer “Quartz“Please see.

How to run

Specifies the script execution environment. At the moment supports only the ‘groovy’.


Written in the language specified in how to perform job run.

For example, if you want to run crawl jobs only three crawl settings describes as (assuming Web crawl configuration ID 1 and file system Kroll set ID to 1 and 2).

return container.getComponent("crawlJob").execute(executor, ["1", "2"] as String[],["1"] as String[],[] as String[],"commit");


To enable records to the job log.

Crawling jobs

In turn treated as crawl jobs. In establishing the system crawl started and stopped.


Specifies the enabled or disabled status of the job. If the job will not run.


Specifies the display order in the job list.