Dictionary settings

This page is generated by Machine Translation from Japanese.


Here are settings for the dictionary.

How to set up

How to display

In Administrator account after logging in, click the menu Dictionary. List the various dictionaries available for editing.


User dictionary

You can register names, nouns, terminology. Registered click path to user dictionaries and dictionary word list is displayed.


Displays the Edit screen and click the word you want to edit.



Type a Word to search for.


Been searching the words compound word splitting the Word can to hit. For example, you can search any word by entering the full-text search engine and full-text search engine, have split.


Enter the word reading in katakana.   Enter the split when you split. For example, enter Sembene search engine.

Parts of speech

Enter the words you entered.

Synonym dictionary

You can register the same meaning words (GB, gigabyte, etc.). Click the path of the synonym dictionary registered on dictionary word list is displayed.


Displays the Edit screen and click the word you want to edit.



Type the word being treated as synonyms.

After the conversion

Expand the words you enter in the source in the word after the conversion. For example, ‘TV’, ‘TV’ and ‘television’ If you want to convert type ‘TV’, ‘TV’ and ‘TV’ type after conversion.