Settings for file system authentication

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Crawls using file system here, describes how to set file system authentication is required. Fess is corresponding to a crawl for a shared folder in Windows.

How to set up

How to display

In Administrator account after logging in, click the menu file system authentication.


Setting item

Host name

Specifies the host name of the site that requires authentication. Is omitted, the specified file system Kroll set applicable in any host name.


Specifies the port of the site that requires authentication. Specify-1 to apply for all ports. File system Crawl settings specified in that case applies on any port.

Authentication methods

Select the authentication method. You can use SAMBA (Windows shared folder authentication).

User name

Specifies the user name to log in authentication.


Specifies the password to log into the certification site.


Sets if the authentication site login required settings. SAMBA, the set value of the domain. If you want to write as.


FS name

Select the set name to apply the authentication settings for the above file system CROLL. Must be registered ago you file system CROLL.