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You can use one or multiple character wildcard search terms within. The can be specified as a one-character wildcard, * is specified as the multiple-character wildcard. Wildcards are not available in the first character. You can use wildcards for words. Wildcard search for the sentence.

How to use the

If you use one character wildcard shown below? The available.


If the above is treated as a wildcard for one character, such as text or test.

If you use the multiple character wildcard use * below


If the above is treated as a wildcard for multiple characters, such as test, tests or tester. Also,


The so can be also used in the search term.

Terms of use

The wildcard string indexed using target. Therefore, because if the index has been created, such as bi-gram be treated meaning fixed string length in Japan Japanese wildcard in Japan, not expected behavior. Use in the field, if you use a wildcard in Japan, that used morphological analysis.