Search by specifying a search field

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Field searches

You crawl in fess results are saved for each field, such as title and full text. You can search for a field of them. You can specify the search criteria in search for a field, such as document type or size small.

Available fields

You can search for a the following fields by default.

Field name Description
URL The crawl URL
host Were included in the crawl URL host name
site Site name was included in the crawl URL
title Title
content Text
contentLength You crawl the content size
lastModified Last update of the content you want to crawl
mimetype The MIME type of the content

Table: Field list is available

If you do not specify the fields subject to find the content. Fields are custom fields are also available by using the dynamic field of Solr.

If HTML file and search for the title tag that string in the title field, below the body tag registered in the body field.

How to use the

If a field specifying the search field name: search words in separated by colons (:) field name and search word fill in the search form, the search.

If you search the fess as a search term for the title field, type.


Document, the title field in fess above search appears as a search result.