SOLR failure operation

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Solr server group in the Fess , managing multiple groups. Change the status of servers and groups if the server and group information that keeps a Fess , inaccessible to the Solr server.

SOLR server state information can change in system setting. maxErrorCount, maxRetryStatusCheckCount, maxRetryUpdateQueryCount and minActiveServer can be defined in the webapps/fess/WEB-INF/classes/fess_solr.dicon.

Solr group failure behavior

  • When SOLR group within Solr server number of valid state minActiveServer less than Solr group will be disabled.

  • Solr server number of valid state is minActiveServer following group in the SOLR Solr group into an invalid state if is not, you can access to the Solr server, disable Solr server status maxRetryStatusCheckCount check to Solr server status change from the disabled state the valid state. The valid state not changed and was able to access Solr Server index corrupted state.

  • Disable Solr group is not available.

  • SOLR group to enable States to the group in the Solr Solr server status change enabled in system settings management screen.

Behavior of search failures

  • Search queries can send valid Solr group.

  • Search queries will be sent only to valid Solr server.

  • Send a search query to fewer available if you register a Solr server multiple SOLR group in the Solr server.

  • The search query was sent to the SOLR server fails maxErrorCount than Solr server modifies the disabled state.

Update: disabled behavior

  • Update queries you can send valid state Solr group.

  • Update query will be sent only to valid Solr server.

  • If multiple Solr servers are registered in the SOLR group in any valid state Solr server send the update query.

  • Is sent to the SOLR Server update query fails maxRetryUpdateQueryCount than Solr server modifies the index corrupted state.