Ports changes

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Changing the port

Fess by default, you use the port 8080. Change in the following steps to change.

Tomcat port changes

Change the port Tomcat is Fess available. Modifies the following described conf/server.xml changes.

  • 8080: HTTP access port

  • 8005: shut down port

  • 8009: AJP port

  • : SSL HTTP access port 8443 (the default is off)

  • 19092: database port (use h2database)

SOLR configuration

May need to change if you change the Tomcat port using the settings in the standard configuration, the same Solr-Tomcat, so Fess Solr server referenced information. change the webapps/fess/WEB-INF/classes/fess_solr.dicon.


Note: to display the error on search and index update: cannot access the Solr server and do not change if you change the Tomcat port similar to the above ports.