XML results output

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XML results output

To emit the XML results of Fess . You must in order to emit the XML Management screen crawl settings XML response enabled by you.


To get the output XML http://localhost:8080/ |Fess| /XML? query = search terms Of these sends a request. Request parameters are as follows.

query Search language. Pass the URL encoding.
Start The number of where to start. Starts at 0.
NUM The number of display. The default is 20. You can display up to 100.
labelTypeValue The label value. Use to specify the label.

Responses to

Returns the following response.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <content-description>goo の提供するスピード&lt;em&gt;テスト&lt;/em&gt;ページです</content-description>
&lt;meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=EUC-JP"&gt;
goo スピード&lt;em&gt;テスト&lt;/em&gt;

&lt;meta name="description" content="goo の提供するスピード&lt;em&gt;テスト&lt;/em&gt;ページです"&gt;
&lt;meta name="keywords" content="ADSL,ブロードバンド,フレ...ッツ,BB,無線LAN,CATV,ISDN,スピード&lt;em&gt;テスト&lt;/em&gt;"&gt;
&lt;meta name="Copyright" content="Copyright &amp;copy; (C)NTT-X Inc, All...://"&gt;&lt;img src="/img/h1/h1_76.gif" width="129" height="22" border="0" alt="スピード&lt;em&gt;テスト&lt;/em&gt;"&gt;&lt;img src..." color="#ffffff"&gt;goo スピード&lt;em&gt;テスト&lt;/em&gt;&lt;/font&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
&lt;!--/NAME SERVICE--&gt;
      <digest>goo の提供するスピード&lt;em&gt;テスト&lt;/em&gt;ページです</digest>
goo スピードテスト
goo スピードテスト

Each element is as follows.

response The root element.
version Format version.
status The status of the response. 0, the normal response.
query Search language.
exec-time Response time. Unit is seconds.
page-size The number of display.
page-number Page number.
record-count Number of hits for the search term.
page-count Page number of the number of hits for the search term.
result Parent element of the search results.
doc The elements of the search results.
site The name of the site.
content-description A description of the content.
host The name of the host.
last-modified Last update date. 1970 / 01 / 01 milliseconds starting at 00: 00: 00.
cache The contents of the content.
score Score values of the document.
Digest Digest a string of documents.
Tstamp Document creation date. 1970 / 01 / 01 milliseconds starting at 00: 00: 00.
URL The URL of the document.
ID The ID of the document.
mimetype The MIME type.
title The title of the document.
content-title The title of the document for viewing.
content-length The size of the document.
URL-link The URL as the search results.