Install to an existing Tomcat

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Install to an existing Tomcat

The standard distribution of Fess Tomcat is distributed in the deployed State. Because Fess is not dependent on Tomcat, deploying on any Java application server is available. Describes how to deploy a Fess Tomcat here is already available.


Fess ServerHereFrom the download.


Expand the downloaded Fess server. Expanded Fess Server home directory to $FESS_HOME. $TOMCAT_HOME the top directory of an existing Tomcat 6. Copy the Fess Server data.

cp $FESS_HOME/bin/setenv.bat $TOMCAT_HOME/bin
cp $FESS_HOME/conf/tomcat-users.xml $TOMCAT_HOME/conf
cp $FESS_HOME/conf/server.xml $TOMCAT_HOME/conf
cp -r $FESS_HOME/webapps/solr $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
cp -r $FESS_HOME/webapps/fess $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
# 以下は省略可
cp $FESS_HOME/bin/service.bat $TOMCAT_HOME/bin

If you have, such as changing the destination file diff commands, updates your diff only applies.


to start the Tomcat in normal as well as in strtup.* / http://localhost:8080/ |Fess| To access the.