Register for the Windows service

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Registered as a Windows service

You can register the Fess as a Windows service in a Windows environment. How to register a service is similar to the Tomcat.

How to register

First, after installing the Fess from the command prompt service.bat performs (such as Vista to launch as administrator you must). Fess was installed on C:\Java\fess-server-2.0.0.

> cd C:\Java\fess-server-2.0.0\bin
> service.bat install fess
The service 'fess' has been installed.

Then add properties for Fess . To run the following, Tomcat Properties window appears.

> tomcat6w.exe //ES//fess

Set the following in the Java Options in the Java tab.


Modifies the value of the maximum memory pool to 512. Settings to save the settings and then press OK button. Please start later as normal Windows services and.