Configuration backup and restore

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Configuration backup and restore

Here, describes Fess information backup and restore methods.

How to set up

In Administrator account after logging in, click the menu backup and restore.


Backup settings

Click the download link and Fess information output in XML format. Saved settings information is below.

  • The General crawl settings
  • Web crawl settings
  • File system Crawl settings
  • Path mapping
  • Web authentication
  • Compatible browsers
  • Session information

In the SOLR index data and data being crawled is not backed up. Those data can Fess setting information to crawl after the restore, regenerate.

Restore settings

You can restore the configuration information by uploading the XML outputted by the backup. Specify the XML file, click the restore button on the data.

If there is already to enable overwriting of data, the same data does update existing data.