Access Tokens


The Access Tokens settings page allows you to manage access tokens.

Management Method

Display Method

To open the list page for Access Token settings shown in the figure below, click [System > Access Tokens] in the left menu.


To edit, click on the configuration name.

Creating a Configuration

To open the Access Token settings page, click the “Create New” button.


Configuration Items

Specify a name to describe this access token.

Set the permissions for the access token. They should be written in the “{user|group|role}name” format. For example, if a user belonging to the “developer” group needs permission to view search results, set the permission as “{group}developer”.

Specify the request parameter name when using the permission as a search query.

Specify the expiration date of the access token.

Deleting a Configuration

Click on the configuration name on the list page, and then click the delete button. A confirmation screen will appear. Clicking the delete button will remove the configuration.

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