To select sort field in Search Options dialog, the search results are sorted by the field.

Sort field

The following sort fields are available.

Field name Description
created Time to crawl document
content_length Size of document
last_modified Last modified time of document
filename File name
score Score value
timestamp Indexed time
click_count The number of clicked documents
favorite_count The number of liked documents

Table: Sort fields


To click Options button, Sort fields are selectable on Search Options dialog.


In addition to selecting sort field on the dialog, sort prefix operator is available in query syntax. The format is colon-separated query, such as sort:fieldname.

To sort search results which contains fess by content size, the query is below.

fess sort:content_length

To sort in descending order as below.

fess sort:content_length.desc

If you want to sort by multiple sort fields, it’s below.

fess sort:content_length.desc,last_modified