Virtual Host

About Virtual Host

You can differentiate search results based on the hostname (URL’s host part) when accessing Fess. Since search results are displayed in individual JSP files, you can also customize the design.

System Configuration

Configure the “Virtual Host” in the Administrator’s Guide > General Settings. Specify the configured virtual host name in the crawl settings.


hostname A hostname or IP address that can be resolved (DNS) on the system.
port Optional. The default is 80.
virtual_host_name The virtual host name specified in the crawl settings.


After configuration, the search page JSP files will be generated in the WEB-INF/view/virtual_host_name directory. You can edit these files to customize the page design for each virtual host.

Crawl Configuration

Specify the “Virtual Host” in the web crawl settings, file crawl settings, or data store crawl settings. The “Virtual Host” should match one of the virtual host names configured in the system settings.


Virtual Host host1