Role-Based Search Configuration

Role-Based Search Configuration

Here, we will explain how to configure Role-Based Search using Fess authentication information.

Configuration via the Fess Administration Interface

Start Fess and log in as an administrator. Create roles and users. For example, create Role1 in the role management interface and create users belonging to Role1 in the user management interface. Next, in the crawl configuration, write {role}Role1 in the Permission field and save it. You can specify it on a per-user basis using {user}username or on a per-group basis using {group}groupname. By crawling with this configuration, an index that can be searched only by the created users will be created.


Log out from the administration interface. Log in with a user belonging to Role1. After a successful login, you will be redirected to the search screen.

When you perform a search as usual, only items configured with Role1 in the crawl settings will be displayed.

Additionally, searching without logging in will be done as a guest user.


If you are logged in with a user other than the administrator, you can log out by selecting “Logout” on the search screen.