This section explains the settings for the job scheduler.

Management Operations

Display Configurations

To view the list of job scheduler settings shown in the following figure, click on [System > Scheduler] in the left menu.


To edit the settings, click on the name of the setting.

Create Configuration

To create a new setting, click on the “New” button on the scheduler settings page.




The name displayed in the list.


The target is used as an identifier for whether the job should be executed directly by a batch command or not. Specify “all” if crawling is not performed using a command execution.


Set the schedule here. The jobs written in the script will be executed according to the schedule set here.

The format is in CRON format and is written in the form of “minute hour day month day of the week”. For example, “0 12 * * 3” runs the job every Wednesday at 12:00 PM.


Specify the script execution environment. Currently, only “groovy” is supported.


Write the content of the job execution in the language specified in the execution method.

For example, if you want to execute only three crawl settings as crawl jobs (assuming the ID of web crawl settings are 1 and 2, and the ID of file system crawl settings is 1), write it as follows:

` return container.getComponent("crawlJob").logLevel("info").webConfigIds(["1", "2"] as String[]).fileConfigIds(["1"] as String[]).dataConfigIds([] as String[]).execute(executor); `


If enabled, it will be recorded in the job log.

Crawler Job

If enabled, it will be treated as a crawler job.


Specify the enabled/disabled state of the job. If disabled, the job will not be executed.

Display Order

Specify the display order in the job list.

Delete Configuration

Click the setting name on the list page and click the delete button to display the confirmation screen. Clicking the delete button will delete the setting.

Manual Crawling Method

Click “Default Crawler” in the “Scheduler” and click the “Start Now” button. To stop crawling, click “Default Crawler” and then click the “Stop” button.