Path Mapping


Here, we will explain the settings for Path Mapping. Path Mapping allows you to replace links displayed in search results or perform other customizations.

Management Operations

Display Configurations

To open the list page for configuring Path Mapping shown below, click on “[Crawler > Path Mapping]” in the left menu.


To edit, click on the configuration name.

Create Configuration

To open the Path Mapping settings page, click on the “Create New” button.




Specify the string that you want to replace. Follow the Java regular expression syntax.


Specify the string to replace the matched regular expression.

Process Type

Specify when the replacement should occur.

  • Crawling: Replace the URL after retrieving the document during crawling, before indexing.

  • Displaying: Replace the URL before displaying it during search.

  • Crawling/Displaying: Replace the URL during both crawling and displaying.

  • Stored URLs: Replace the URL before retrieving the document during crawling.

Display Order

You can specify the processing order of Path Mapping. It will be processed in ascending order.

Delete Configuration

Click on the configuration name on the list page, and when the delete button is clicked, a confirmation screen will appear. Clicking the delete button will remove the configuration.