The dashboard provides a web-based management tool for Fess to manage OpenSearch clusters and indexes that it accesses.


Indexes managed by Fess
Index name Description
fess.YYYYMMDD Indexed documents
fess_log Access logs
fess.suggest.YYYYMMDD Suggest words
fess_config Fess settings
fess_user User/role/group data
configsync Dictionary settings
fess_suggest Suggest metadata
fess_suggest_array Suggest metadata
fess_suggest_badword Suggest NG word list
fess_suggest_analyzer Suggest metadata
fess_crawler Crawl information

Indexes starting with a dot (.) are system indexes and are not displayed by default. To display system indexes, enable the “special” checkbox.

Check The Number Of Indexed Documents

To check the number of indexed documents, navigate to the fess index as shown in the figure below.


Click the icon in the upper right corner of each index to display the operation menu for that index. To delete indexed documents, use the management search screen. Be careful not to delete an entire index using the “delete index” option.