Fess supports JSON API response.


The request URL for JSON API is http://localhost:8080/json?q=SearchWords. Available request parameters are as below.

q Search query.
start Start position(default 0)
num The number of documents in search result page to display them(default 20).
fields.label Label to filter documents with the label.
callback JSONP callback name. (default response is JSON)
facet.field Facet Field query. ex. facet.field=label
facet.query Facet query. ex. facet.query=timestamp:[now/d-1d TO *]
facet.size The number of facet results.

Table: Request parameters


Response example is as below.

    "response": {
        "version": 14.11,
        "status": 0,
        "q": "Apple",
        "exec_time": 0.11,
        "query_time": 55,
        "page_size": 20,
        "page_number": 1,
        "record_count": 178,
        "page_count": 9,
        "result": [
                "filetype": "html",
                "url_link": "",
                "created": "2016-08-31T17:28:27.489Z",
                "site_path": "",
                "title": "13 Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Is the Magic Potion You Need in Your Life",
                "doc_id": "f269c7ade50f475ca5dc2112ee5f2d7f",
                "url": "",
                "content_description": "GoodsConfidenceDudes FoodVideoHo <strong>Apple</strong> cider ...",
                "content_title": "13 Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Is the Magic Pot...",
                "site": "",
                "host": "",
                "digest": "Science says the grocery store staple can be crazy effective.",
                "boost": "1.0",
                "mimetype": "text/html",
                "content_length": "583740",
                "timestamp": "2016-08-31T17:28:27.489Z"

Each element is as follows.

response The root element.
version Format version.
status The status of the response. the status value is 0: normal, 1: search error, 2 or 3: request parameter error, 9: in service, 1: API type of error is.
query Search query.
exec_time Response time(seconds).
page_size The number of documents in search result.
page_number Page number.
record_count The number of hits for the search query.
page_count Total page size.
result Parent element of the search results.
site Site name.
content_description Description of the document.
host Host name.
last_modified Last modified date.
cache Content cache.
score Search score of the document.
digest Digest content of the document.
created Indexed date.
url URL of the document.
doc_id ID of the document.
mimetype MIME type.
title Title of the document.
content_title Title of the document for search view.
content_length Size of the document.
url_link URL as the search results.

Table: Response information