On the Storage page, you can manage storage objects on MinIO, a object storage server compatible with Amazon S3.

Management Operations

Object Storage Server Configuration

Select System > General in the left menu and configure the following parameters on the Storage settings.

  • Endpoint: The endpoint URL of the object storage.

  • Access Key: The access key of the object storage.

  • Secret Key: The secret key of the object storage.

  • Bucket: The bucket name.

Display Storage Objects

Select System > Storage in the left menu to display a list page of the objects on the storage server, as below.



The file name of the object.


The size of the object.

Last Modified

The last modified date of the object.


Click Download button on the list page to download the object.


Click Delete button to delete the object.

Upload File

Click Upload File button on the list page if you want to upload a new file.

Create Folder

Click Create Folder button on the list page if you want to create a new folder. Note that you can not create empty folders.