Fess categorize search results with labels. Label configuration page manages the labels.

Management Operations

Display Configurations

Select Crawler > Label in the left menu to display a list page of Label Configuration, as below.


Click a label name if you want to edit it.

Create Configuration

Click Create New button to display a form page for Label configuration.




Label name. This value is displayed on a search result page.


Label value. This value is used as URL parameter.

Included Paths

Paths which matches crawling URL/path are assigned to this label.

Excluded Paths

Paths which matches crawling URL/path are not assigned to this label.


Permissions for this configuration. This format is “{user/group/role}name”. For example, to display search results on users who belong to developer group, the permission is {group}developer.

Virtual Host

Virtual Host key for this configuration. e.g. fess (if setting in General)

Display Order

Display order.

Delete Configuration

Click a label name on a list page, and click Delete button to display a confirmation dialog. Click Delete button to delete the configuration.