Search API

Search API

Search API returns search results from Fess as JSON format. URL for Search API is http://<Server Name>/json/?q=WORD. To enable JSON Response at System > General in Administrative page, Search API becomes available.

Request Parameters

Search API contains optional parameters for advance searches, such as http://<Server Name>/json/?q=WORD&num=50&fields.label=fess. Available parameters are as below.

Request Parameters
q Search query. URL-encode is needed.
start Start position. It is started from 0.
num The number of returned documents as a search result. The default is 20.
sort Sorting documents.
fields.label Label value for filtering a search result.
callback Callback function name. If using JSONP, set this value,
facet.field Facet field. ex. facet.field=label
facet.query Facet query. ex. facet.query=timestamp:[now/d-1d TO *]
facet.size The number of a returned facet for specifying facet.field.
facet.minDocCount Minimum document size in a facet for facet.field.


  "response": {
    "version": "13.13",
    "status": 0,
    "q": "Fess",
    "query_id": "bd60f9579a494dfd8c03db7c8aa905b0",
    "exec_time": 0.21,
    "query_time": 171,
    "page_size": 20,
    "page_number": 1,
    "record_count": 31625,
    "page_count": 1582,
    "highlight_params": "&hq=n2sm&hq=Fess",
    "next_page": true,
    "prev_page": false,
    "start_record_number": 1,
    "end_record_number": 20,
    "page_numbers": [
    "partial": false,
    "search_query": "(Fess OR n2sm)",
    "requested_time": 1507822131845,
    "related_query": [
    "related_contents": [],
    "result": [
        "filetype": "html",
        "title": "Open Source Enterprise Search Server: Fess — Fess 11.0 documentation",
        "content_title": "Open Source Enterprise Search Server: Fess — Fe...",
        "digest": "Docs » Open Source Enterprise Search Server: Fess Commercial Support Open Source Enterprise Search Server: Fess What is Fess ? Fess is very powerful and easily deployable Enterprise Search Server. ...",
        "host": "",
        "last_modified": "2017-10-09T22:28:56.000Z",
        "content_length": "29624",
        "timestamp": "2017-10-09T22:28:56.000Z",
        "url_link": "",
        "created": "2017-10-10T15:00:48.609Z",
        "site_path": "",
        "doc_id": "e79fbfdfb09d4bffb58ec230c68f6f7e",
        "url": "",
        "content_description": "Enterprise Search Server: <strong>Fess</strong> Commercial Support Open...Search Server: <strong>Fess</strong> What is <strong>Fess</strong> ? <strong>Fess</strong> is very powerful...You can install and run <strong>Fess</strong> quickly on any platforms...Java runtime environment. <strong>Fess</strong> is provided under Apache...Apache license. Demo <strong>Fess</strong> is Elasticsearch-based search",
        "site": "",
        "boost": "10.0",
        "mimetype": "text/html"



Descriptions for properties are as below.

Properties in Response
response Root element.
version API Version.
status Response status. (0: successful, 1: search error, 2 or 3: invalid request parameter, 9: service unavailable, -1: invalid API type)
q Search query.
exec_time Response time. (ms)
query_time Query time. (ms)
page_size Returned document size.
page_number Page number.
record_count Total hit count.
page_count The number of pages.
highlight_params Highlight parameters.
next_page true: next pages exist. false: it does not exist.
prev_page true: previous pages exist. false: it does not exist.
start_record_number Start position in a search result.
end_record_number End position in a search result.
page_numbers List of page numbers.
partial true if a request is timeouted.
search_query Search query.
requested_time Request timestamp.
related_query Related query.
related_contents Related contents.
facet_field Facet information for specified facet.field.
facet_query Facet information for specified facet.query.
result Search result element.
filetype File type.
created Timestamp for registering a document in an index.
title Document title.
doc_id Document ID.
url URL.
site Site name for URL.
content_description Document description.
host Hostname.
digest Document summary.
boost Boost value.
mimetype MIME type.
last_modified Last modified time.
content_length Document size.
url_link URL as a search result.
timestamp Document timestamp.