General Configuration


This administrative page manages configurations for Fess. You can change Fess’s behavior without rebooting the Fess.

Management Operations

Display Configurations

Select System > General in the left menu to display General Configuration page, as below.



JSON Response

Enable JSON response of Search features.

Login Required

Search pages are not displayed on Guest user if enabled.

Similar Result Collapsed

Collapse similar results in search result page.

Thumbnail View

Display thumbnail images in search result page.

Default Label Value

Specify default labels on search pages. e.g. “role:admin=label1” is that users which has admin role use labels1 as default labels.

Default Sort Value

Specify default sort order on search pages. e.g. “role:admin=content_length.desc” is that users which has admin role use content_length.desc as default sort order.

Virtual Hosts

Specify virtual hosts settings. The format is REQUEST_HEADER_NAME:REQUEST_HEADER_VALUE=VIRTUAL_HOST_KEY. (e.g.

Encoding for CSV

This encoding is used in uploaded/downloaded CSV file.

Append Params to URL

Append query parameters to URL of search results.

Notification Email

Specify e-mail address to send notification mail.


Check Last Modified

Enable incremental crawling. Crawler checks time stamp of a document at indexing time.

Simultaneous Crawler Config

The number of Crawlers which deals with simultaneous crawling configuration.

Remove Documents Before

Days which old documents are removed. e.g. documents indexed X days ago are removed if they are not updated.

Excluded Failure Type

Crawler does not ignore failure urls included in excluded failure types even if the failure count is over the threshold.

Failure Count Threshold

Crawler ignores failure urls of which failure count is over this threshold.


Search Logging

Enable logging for user’s searches.

User Logging

Enable logging for users.

Favorite Logging

Enable logging for favarite requests.

Purge Search Log Before

Days whilch old search logs are removed. To disable log purge, set to -1.

Purge Job Log Before

Days which old job logs are removed. To disable log purge, set to -1.

Purge User Before

Days whilc old user logs are removed. To disable log purge, set to -1.

Bots Name For Purge

Bots names to remove search logs.


Suggest from Search Words

Enable to generate suggested words from search logs.

Suggest from Documents

Enable to generate suggested words from indexed documents.

Purge Suggest Documents Before

Days which old suggested words are removed.



URL of LDAP server.

Base DN

Base DN of LDAP environment.

Bind DN

Bind DN of LDAP environment.


Password for Bind DN.

User DN

User definition pattern for user login.

Account Filter

LDAP query to filter user accounts.

memberOf Attribute

memberOf Attribute name. memberOf if LDAP server is Active Directory. Some other LDAP server is isMemberOf.


Login page

Contents displayed on login page.

Search top page

Contents displayed on search top page.