Upgrade From Fess 10

To upgrade from a previous version, see the following steps.

Backup Data

Configuration data are in the following files:

  • .fess_basic_config and .fess_user from Backup page(For more details, see Backup of Administration Guide)
  • system.properties in /etc/fess or app/WEB-INF/conf
  • fess_config.properties in /etc/fess or app/WEB-INF/conf

Upgrade Package

Stop Fess and then install RPM/DEB package, see Installation in Installation Guide.

Fess 11 requires Elasticsearch 5.1 or the above, and indices for Fess 11 is not compatible with Fess 10.x. To upgrade to Elasticsearch 5, remove old indices and then upgrade Elasticsearch package.

Restore Configuration

Check and merge settings in fess_config.properties, and then start Fess. To restore data, upload .fess_basic_config and .fess_user bulk files on Backup page.

Start Crawler

To create new search indices, start Default Crawler job on Scheduler page.