Range searches

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Range searches

If in the field containing the data in specified range, such as the number range search is possible for that field.

How to use the

To limit “field name: value TO value ‘ fill in the search form.

For example, type to search document contentLength field against 1 k to 10 k bytes is shown below the search form.

contentLength:[1000 TO 10000]

To time range specified search ‘ lastModified: [date 1 TO date 2] “(Re 1 [Re 2) fill out the search form.

ISO 8601 with respect to re.

Date and time-resolved second and fractional part If the current relative to the date
YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sZ( example :2013-08-02T10:45:23.5Z) NOW (the current date), YEAR (this year), MONTH (month), DAY (today)

To relative to the current date and time NOW and DAY-(Adder, and production) and can sign and (round) like.

And a symbol for round / behind unit. Even if now-1DAY/day does today what time today 00: represents the day from 00 -1, the 00: 00.

For example, if you search for lastModified field from 2/21/2012 20: (current to date) 30 days prior to the updated document, type the following search form.

lastModified:[NOW-30DAY TO NOW](=[2012-01-23T00:00:00Z+TO+2012-02-21T20:00:00Z(現在日時)])