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Providing an Enterprise Search Server as Open Source.

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Fess is a "user-friendly full-text search server" that can be easily set up.

Fess can be executed on any operating system with a Java or Docker runtime environment. Fess is provided under the Apache License and is available for free (as freeware) to use.

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  • Provided under the Apache License (freeware)
  • Available for use in a Java or Docker (platform-independent)
  • Utilize OpenSearch or Elasticsearch as the search engine
  • Designed to be flexible and adaptable according to various use cases


  • Crawl web pages, file systems, Windows shared folders, and databases
  • Supports various file formats such as MS Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) and PDF
  • Custom request header, domain handling, path conversion,...
  • Support for external text extraction such as OCR

Secure Search

  • Search websites with BASIC/DIGEST/NTLM/FORM authentication
  • Differentiate search results based on the login status
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) using Active Directory, SAML, and other methods


  • Classify search results through labeling
  • Support for facets and drill-down
  • Responsive web design for smartphone compatibility
  • Provide JavaScript for integration into existing websites


  • Auto-complete and suggestion
  • Location-based search integrated with map information
  • Cached display and thumbnail view of search results
  • Proxy functionality for search results


  • Configure crawling targets and edit search screens within the browser
  • Aggregate search logs and click logs
  • Edit user dictionaries and synonym dictionaries

External integration

  • Integration via JSON-formatted search result
  • External system integration can be achieved using access tokens
  • Functionality can be extended through plugins


Commercial Support

Fess is an open-source product provided under the Apache License, available for free for both personal and commercial use

If you require support services such as customization, implementation, and setup of Fess, please consider our commercial support (paid service). Additionally, commercial support is available for performance tuning, including enhancing search quality and crawl speed.


Open Source

  • Free to use (Apache License)
  • Community-supported
  • Commercial use is permitted
  • No guaranteed support

N2 Search

  • Commercial version
  • Dedicated Support

Professional Support

  • Deployment support
  • Prototyping support
  • uning of Search performance
  • Bug fix of failures

Let's get started with Fess

By following a simple set of instructions, you can set up your search environment, so please give it a try.

Getting Started