End of Life Dates

The following releases have reached End of Life, and are no longer maintained and do not receive any updates. To get the latest release, visit download page. If you need a support for your old system, please contact Commercial Support.

Maintenance Tables

We support each major release of our products for 18 months from the General Availability date.

Fess EOL Date
11.1.x 2018-11-11
11.0.x 2018-08-13
10.3.x 2018-05-24
10.2.x 2018-02-30
10.1.x 2017-12-09
10.0.x 2017-08-05
9.4.x 2016-11-21
9.3.x 2016-05-06
9.2.x 2015-12-28
9.1.x 2015-09-26
9.0.x 2015-08-07
8.x 2014-08-23
7.x 2014-02-03
6.x 2013-09-02
5.x 2013-06-15
4.x 2012-06-19
3.x 2011-09-07
2.x 2011-07-16
1.x 2011-04-10